Which are the Best Materials & Finishes to Use in Modular Kitchen?

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Modular furniture consists of pre-made units which can be setup in various ways to suit the personalized requirement of the user or client. Modular Kitchen has gained popularity due to its property of collective functionality. There is a huge variety to choose from because of flexible nature, variety of materials and finishes of modular kitchen design.

Modular Kitchen

The colour and material decides the general look of any space. The kitchen cabinets can be built using a wide collection of materials such as wood, stainless steel, pre-laminate particle board, and many more. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Wood is a great choice for a primitive and natural look, while for a more latest look, manmade materials like pre-laminate particle board come in an countless range of colours and designs. To give any space a comprehensive look, always opt for two colours, if more then, maximum three colours to create a rhythm and harmony in colour application.

The choice of material plays an important role in deciding the overall look of your house and also depends on your budget.  Following are some of the most commonly and generally used materials for modular kitchen along with their details to consider while selecting the material for your kitchen area

Modular Kitchen Materials 

01. Solid Wood

Solid Wood is commonly used in the designing of modular kitchens, It is classified in two types, namely softwood and hardwood. Softwood is derived from evergreen plants; whereas hardwood from deciduous trees.

Real solid wood is preferred over other material to create the base, shelves, back panel, doors of modular kitchen cabinets because of its durable nature and offers great finish. It is also a favourite choice for furniture items like dining chairs, book shelves and many more.

Wooden Modular Furniture

The sources for real wood includes cheery, oak, maple and pine trees. Solid wood would be the best choice if classical and apparel look is desired to give your space. It will look fresh and new, even after years of rough and tough use.

02. Plywood

There has been tremendous use of plywood in designing of kitchens over the last few decades. It is obtained from a particular type of wood panel, which is first processed and then manufactured. Plywood is obtained mostly by using wood veneer. Its surface is polished and laminated to give wood an excellent finish.


03. Medium Density Fiberboard (Mdf) Modular Kitchen

Known as engineered wood, Medium Density Fiberboard is created using a single board which is formed by using multiple wood fibers.MDF consists of smooth texture and come with a great finish when used with an appropriate laminate that matches your taste. It is not preferred for high density regions as MDF is not as strong as other materials.

MDF Boards

04. Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen

Homeowners are usually troubled with water leakage issues and termites. So here, stainless steel kitchens provide a way to help get rid of such issues, hence offering long lasting look at the same time.

Stainless Steel

It is becoming popular among homeowners. As it is a strong conductor of electricity and calls for maintenance every now and then, so professionals do not advise it. Even though stainless steel gives a clean finish there are some drawbacks of stainless steel which includes stains and scratches.

Modular Kitchen Finishes

You need to decide on the suitable type of finish in order to set the right tone of the modular kitchen. There are plenty of options available for modular kitchen finish. Listed below are the finishes used in the modular kitchen and their details. The listed below finishes depicts the finishes not the materials as they may seem due to their names. Instead, they are the finishes similar or in resemblance to that of the material whose names are described. Let’s have a look at it

01. Acrylic Finish

To provide a shiny look to modular kitchen, Acrylic finish is suggested to apply. It is known for high durability due to which it is last-longing and also improves the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.
It does not require high level of maintenance and also not prone to damages caused by UV rays and moisture.

Acrylic Finish

02. Stainless Steel Finish

Some of the factors that define stainless steel finish are corrosion & stain resistant, non toxic ,economical  and long lasting.

SS Finish

It provides a refined and latest look to the kitchen. By getting the stainless steel finish swirled or embossed, you can also alter the looks.

03. Laminate Finish

You can opt for Laminate finish if you are looking for perfect finish for modular kitchen. It is considered to be superior over its counterparts in terms of its unparalleled natural yet contemporary looks. It has remarkable resistance to water and moisture.

Laminate Finish

It is really low on costs and available in economical prices in case of laminate finish and appears to be an expensive as the looks are deceptive. It has double the lifetime of any other material.

04. Membrane Finish

Membrane finish is durable and an economical choice. There are many aspects that contribute to tremendous usage of this finish in modular kitchens. Some of them include its resistance to water, humidity, smoothness, polish and durability.

Membrane Finish

It is easily suitable with both categories of kitchens i.e. modern as well as traditional. All these factors are collectively responsible for the wide acceptance of this finish.

05. Veneer Finish

Veneer Finish

You can opt for veneer finish if you want your modular kitchen to be visually attractive and have a modern look. As it is not highly resistant to water and UV rays, humidity, this needs to be properly maintained.

06. Matt Finish

It is highly popular everywhere due to its smooth texture and low maintenance.

The matt finish makes a nice visual impact on the viewers’ mind and they get impressed with looks of the finish. Matt finish is hard to resist as it is easily available in different range of colours from neutral to vibrant ones.

Matt Finish

07. Glass Finish

You can opt for glass finish that can make your modular kitchen look stunningly ultramodern. Strength, durability and safety factors should be kept in mind while providing this finish to your kitchen. It is available in myriad range of colours and provides high gloss finish to the kitchen. It is not very hard to maintain the glass finish.

Glass Finish

Listed above were the materials and finishes of modular kitchen used in making. All have their advantages and disadvantages with regards to various aspects. Choose wisely from the list for your modular kitchen as per your needs and budgets to increase the design/décor quotient of the kitchen area.

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