Styling and Pointers for Bathroom Remodel Ideas!

Despite bathrooms being one of the most important components of the house, it is unfortunate that not much effort is put in while designing bathrooms or renovating the existing ones. Compared to the other interior spaces, bathrooms don’t get attention regarding style and design. A bathroom remodel idea can elevate the charm of your home. This private space can speak the language of style and blend well with your lifestyle to offer comfort. Whether you bring a minute change in the bathroom layout or go overboard with a new aesthetic appeal, a thoughtful bathroom renovation idea with the addition of aesthetic elements is sure to make a statement. Along with aesthetics, it’s also essential to have an odourless bathroom; it becomes inevitable to check out tips to eliminate bathroom smells.

A well-refurbished bathroom is no less than a retreat. So, what are you waiting for? First, let’s go through points of why you should leverage bathroom makeover over renovating and then dive deep into the world of fantastic updated bathroom ideas.

Why Bathroom Remodel Idea over Renovate?

Bathroom remodel vs renovation

Bathroom remodel idea is an easy way to achieve desired levels of style and visual appeal. If your bathroom is perfect in terms of functionality, all you need to do is to tweak the elements and give it a new design language. Meanwhile, renovating means overall functional and plumbing changes, as noted by the editor ‘Cindy C.[406]’ in the book “Interior Design Handbook of Professional Practice McGraw-Hill”. However, if you are still looking to renovate the bathroom, tips for bathroom renovations can provide an advantage.

A remodelling project can give a new life to your bathroom. It can be done by offering slight changes in its design, layout, and overall look without much hassle, giving more leverage to remodel over renovate. In addition, bathroom makeover can work as a money-saving option unless the material choices go haywire. Hoping that this helps to understand why remodelling is better than renovation.

There are several remodel ideas which can help transform the bathroom.

Transform with Fresh Ideas: 10 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Looking for a starting point for bathroom remodel idea? Whether you wish to take a classic approach or turn to modern luxury, you’re at a perfect spot for the best ideas. From minimal white design to dramatic decor, Gharpedia has covered it all with these top 10 bathroom remodel ideas. These thematic ideas are listed below:

  1. Marble Marvel
  2. Textured Details
  3.  White Palette
  4. Moody and Elegant Black
  5. Beach Vibe with Pebbles
  6. Crisp and Clean Aesthetic
  7. Rustic Touch
  8. Palm Glam
  9. Natural Waterfall
  10. Contemporary Glance

Let’s have a detailed look at them.

01. Marble Marvel

Marble makeover for bathroom

Marble element in any design gives a luxurious look. Being a classic styling option, marble can jazz up the whole decor of the bathroom remodel idea. The best part is that the colour choice is not limited to White Carrara marble. You can bring in whichever colour is available in the natural palate to add a touch of personalization to your very private marble bathroom space. You can either opt for a marble accent wall with a limited budget, or go wild and lay marble on every surface for dreamy decor. Although choosing the correct marble can be arduous, understanding the properties of marble can ease the task.

02. Textured Details in Bathroom

Bathroom remodelling with textures

Don’t restrict yourself to a single material or design for bathroom remodel idea. Instead, play around with different textures, form new patterns, and blend various geometries to make the space eclectic. Unique lighting fixtures and a blend of textures in bathroom can impart a one-of-its-kind feel, with elevated levels of funkiness and drama. Combining wood, marble, mosaic, porcelain, and metals is the best option. However, be cautious while working with materials which could be affected by water.

03. White Palette For Bathroom

White palette for bathroom makeover

Wish to go for a sparkling design with clean surfaces? The bathroom in white palette must do the job for you.

White marble bathroom remodel ideas can offer you a soothing space with a polished look. You can go for white tile or marble covering for the whole room from floor to walls, with other finishing also in spotless bathroom in white. This will end up in a glamorous yet seamless design in terms of colour and material. Colour spots on surfaces are your pet peeve; maintaining them requires extra effort. There is a range of italian and indian marble available, but we need to understand the difference between them.

04. Moody and Elegant Black Bathroom Remodelling

Moody and Elegant Black Bathroom Remodelling

If you want to add boldness and drama to your bathroom decor remodel idea, black bathroom makeover is the option to consider. Cover the walls with black marble or black tiles as per your budget. These black surfaces must serve as a clean palette to add customizations based on your interest.

You can hang your favourite colourful painting in front of this black backdrop to make the space even more elegant. However, if it feels too overwhelming, add ambient lighting and shiny surfaces to balance the mood factor in the design. Interior designer ‘Binggeli C.[407]’ in the book “Building Systems For Interior Designers”, suggested the importance of natural light inside bathrooms. Especially with black interiors, the natural light inlet is much appreciated and a sustainable option.

05. Beach Vibe with Pebbles

Bathroom remodel with pebbles

You must’ve felt pebbles beneath your feet; how about adding them to the wall or floors?

Whether you add an accent wall covered with pebble tile bathroom or a slender column, the design will swoop you away with its charming appeal. It’ll give you a beachy vibe in your shower with the texture. To feel even more physically connected to nature, the pebble tile bathroom flooring will give an essence of the beach. Wall and floor tiles with stones texture for bathroom are also available.

06. Crisp and Clean Aesthetic of Bathroom

Crisp and clean aesthetic of bathroom

Upon hearing the words ‘crisp and clean’ in a design, we picture a minimal white decor. Add a vibrant vibe to your bathroom remodel idea with white interiors accentuated by feature lighting. You can add an array of diverse materials to this design, with every selected option following the same tonality to maintain clean aesthetics in a space.

A design idea with dreamy bathroom in white decor boasts its subtle yet attractive beauty. It is also a good budget small bathroom remodel design.  The material palette can be composed based on your budget with one fixed colour. Moreover, you can opt for mosaic flooring to indulge in the literal remodelling process and get hands-on experience.

07. Bathroom Remodel with Rustic Touch

Bathroom Remodel with Rustic Touch

If you’re a nature lover and like everything in its authentic essence, the rustic bathroom remodel ideas will fit perfectly in your space.

An existing bathroom space can be turned into a rustic bath by adding a few elements that bring in a natural appeal and enhance the room’s warmth. This decor needs you to add cosy textiles, wooden accents, and copper fixtures to your bathroom. Waterproof lime plasters also add to a relaxed feel.

08. Palm Glam Remodel Idea

Palm Glam Remodel Idea

Want to remodel your bathroom but run low on the budget? Don’t worry because these palms will do their magic for bathroom remodel idea.

Sprucing up the decor within a low budget bathroom designs directs you towards the most convenient and lovely option-wallpaper. Go for green wallpaper with palm imprints to freshen up the decor and make the bathroom feel breezy. The palm wallpaper for bathroom can blend or contrast with your sink and vanity to add liveliness to the bathroom. One crucial point to notice is that the wallpaper must be of superior quality and waterproof, or else it’ll trouble you with regular replacement or maintenance demands.

09. Natural Waterfall In Bathroom

Natural Waterfall In Bathroom

What are your thoughts on showering under a magnificent waterfall? Dreamy, right?

You cannot possibly go for a shower under a waterfall but you can surely bring a waterfall to your bathroom. Take advantage of the natural stone wall and play with its placement to give off a rocky vibe. Install the water fall shower at a certain level and enjoy the whole vibe of a natural waterfall. Being a replica of a natural shower, this bathroom remodelling idea demands minimal maintenance in the long run.

10. Contemporary Remodel Glance

Contemporary Remodel Glance

A contemporary design is all about modern bathroom design thoughts combined with the latest technology. It speaks the language of boldness in minimalism, with clean-lined and elegant embellishments.

Rather than adding heavy ornamentation, look for sublime designs for faucets. Then, take advantage of the technology by adding digital water fall showers, intelligent mirrors, faucets and WCs. Of course, the investment in innovative hardware is entirely based on your budget. However, contemporary bathroom design decor is easy to achieve with sleekness in the design elements. Upgrading the shower enclosure also makes a bathroom look contemporary, check out the shower enclosure to get more ideas.

Final Touch Up for Bathroom Remodel Idea

Bathroom remodel ideas

Glam up your house with the above bathroom remodel themes, or go crazy and create a palate with the combinations from above. Combine the palms and the stones to create a tropical vibe, or just stick to the black bathroom makeover or white palate as per your choice. But if your bathroom seems to be a dull space lately, then don’t hesitate to remodel and change the vibe.

To find more interesting bathroom designs, check out home bathroom designs.

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Bathroom Remodeling Starts

Things to keep in mind before bathroom remodelling

A successful bathroom remodelling idea project can only be completed if your budget is set and the vision is clear right from the get-go. Here are 5 tips to remember before starting a bathroom makeover project. It will help you finish the work in a hassle-free manner. As budget is a major concern, learning about budgeting and tracking costs would be beneficial.

The points to keep in mind

Following are the points that can help to ease the starting process of initiating the bathroom remodelling process.

1. Create a mood board. Oxford Dictionary defines a mood board as a collection of images depicting materials, colours and textures placed on a screen or board to demonstrate a specific style. Knowing which design theme you want to follow solves half of the problems. So put in all your thoughts and assess what style you are aiming for on a mood board. A complete guide on creating a mood board can help you make one hassle-free.

Bathroom makeover Moodboard

2. You should list the must-haves for bathroom makeover, and all design elements, like lights, hangers, mirrors, etc that need to be replaced.

Must haves for the makeover

3. Based on the list’s scale and the required level of work, it’ll be easier to determine whether to hire a professional or can it be a DIY project.

DIY or Professional

4. Based on the quality of work it demands or the precision it needs, you can either take the project into your own hands or hire a professional. If it calls for an expert in remodelling, list down the best designers and contractors and go through their work to find the perfect fit for your project. Hiring a suitable contractor is very important. The right contractor can make the project and a wrong one can doom the project. Hence, knowing how to hire a contractor would ensure that you don’t go wrong with the same.

Hiring the right professional

5. The funky bathroom decor ideas like mismatched patterns or playing with mosaic blocks can prove to be an engaging family project. However, various bathroom remodelling ideas like careful application of marble, a change in the plumbing layout, or carving intricate details are best done by skilled professionals. If you plan to remodel yourself, look at some tips to create a beautiful space.

Creating a mix match makeover

Tip For Preplanning

Once you’ve set the budget for the project, decide upon the trend you want to adopt. Check out what would sit in your bathroom, and the functionality is not compromised. Hire someone or do it yourself! But make sure that whatever thoughts you have are all fulfilled.

Along with bathrooms, if you are looking forward to remodelling your house, then don’t forget to check out,

6 Cost-effective Small Bathroom Remodeling Solutions

Do you own a compact bathroom but want a luxury touch and feel? You need not scratch your head, as there is no need to break the wall or go beyond your limits to realize your ideas. We can serve you with secrets for budget small bathroom remodel idea to make your tiny bathroom look fantastic within a minimum budget.

Tweaking some bathroom elements is just enough to refresh the mood. So let’s have a look at cost-effective bathroom solutions.

Cost-effective Solution for Small Bathrooms

Below are some interesting ideas that won’t burn bigger holes in your pockets.

01. Mirror on the Wall!

Adding mirror to bathroom

Adding more reflective surfaces that brighten it up is the key to making a compact space look expansive. And who can more effortlessly do this job than a mirror! A large portion of one wall can be covered with a mirror to make your bathroom look spacious for budget small bathroom remodelling. Keeping the mirror clean becomes the priority, so learning how to clean the mirror becomes of utmost necessity.

02. Wall-Mounted Toilet

Wall mounted toilets in bathroom

Rather than allowing the floor-mounted toilet to take up the space, opt for wall-mounted fixtures. These can give a floating feel to the bathroom and, at the same time, make it look bigger. This will also help to quickly clean the bathrooms; check out bathroom hygiene tips to know more.

03. Frameless Glass

Frameless glass

The appearance of a framed glass partition can be overpowering and heavy in a tiny bathroom. So, it’s wise to opt for frameless glass and welcome more light into the bathroom for budget small bathroom remodelling. The brightened bathroom makeover will impart fresh and happy vibes and, at the same time, open up the space.

04. Floating Sink

Floating sink

Like toilets, don’t let your sink and vanity consume much space. Opt for wall-mounted items and give a floating vibe in the bathroom. Interior Academician ‘Sharma R‘ opined that the material should be durable and waterproof in the journal article “Study About The Elements Of Bathroom Design”.

05. Think Vertically

Think vertically

In budget small bathroom remodel idea, you cannot think of expanding horizontality. However, there’s no limit to the vertical aspect. Generally, small bathrooms run low on storage, but that shouldn’t be the case for you. Go for open shelves and cabinets on the wall to maximize storage. It can double up as a partition.

06. Light Walls With Dark Floor

Dark floor and light walls in bathroom

Colours help in determining the character of a space. Light shades can make a space look airy, while darker tones make it feel smaller. For a compact bathroom, opt for dark flooring and lighter walls to create a visual illusion of the space being large.

Final Step into Creating a Blissful Bathroom Retreat!

Creating a bathroom bliss

We’re sure by now that you’re all geared up with your tools bathroom remodel idea. Give these spaces the attention they deserve and in return, let them offer you a unique and pleasant experience. Select the idea that works well with your budget and design thoughts. After this, you may begin the journey of creating your own blissful retreat!

It’s equally important to maintain the house, have a look at

How To Spruce Up A Bathroom – Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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