Plan Analysis of 7 BHK Bungalow of 4 Storey (245 sq. mt)


The 7 BHK house itself indicates that the house has a very big family! The utilisation of space should be planned according to the specific requirements of the occupants. Here the separate entry is provided on the second floor (like a flat with all necessary requirements required for per family) along with office area on the top floor!
Here we have analysed and reviewed the design of 7 BHK bungalow admeasuring 245 Good features have been shown as recommended and undesirable features have been shown as “Not Recommended”.

The road on which the house abuts and North have also been shown in the sketch.

Plan Analysis of 7 BHK Bungalows 245

Ground Floor Plan

R1       Veranda space is good enough to accommodate outdoor chairs, swings, etc.    
R2       Location of platform and overall layout of furniture is appropriate in kitchen and dining.
R3       Indirect entry to the common toilet, indicates a well planed bungalow!
R4       Cupboard along internal wall is always preferred. (Cupboard on exterior wall are not desirable as they may get damaged due to moisture / dampness in wall. The plywood will get damaged due to moisture.)
R5       Well designed open plan layout of the living room easily view the staircase-bedroom-toilet-kitchen-dining.
R6      Bedroom location is designed in South-West direction, which is good!
R7      Kitchen Work Triangle is well formed which proves an efficient kitchen!
R8      Well planned layout of bedroom with attached dressing and toilet.
R9      Dry & wet area is separated in toilet design, which is good!

First Floor Plan

R10    Balcony with seating space adds the functionality to the space itself!
R11    Double height of the living room create a wonderful appearance from upper level. One can communicate well and stay connected from different floors! The another benefit of double height is to give a vast & royal experience to the family members.
R12    Pooja room in East-West direction is best location to pray as per Vastu!
R13    Direct separate entry to the all upper floors is directed from ground floor, which is good & privacy is maintained!
R14    Gymn in North direction is good for workout!
R15    Internal layout of office is well planned in terms of furniture placement.
R16    Conference room is connected with office-toilet-store-pantry, which is good!
R17    Open terrace is provide at the office level for the outdoor seating space & also connect to the nature as well!
R18    Home theater & Gymn rooms adds the luxury to a home facility!

Plan Analysis of 7 BHK Bungalows 245

Second Floor Plan

NR1    With enough space in veranda, we would suggest some landscape in the entrance part!
NR2    North light is blocked in living room, that should be allowed if some changes are preferred!
NR3    Common wash basin space is missing, which is must for this size of a bungalow.
NR4    North direction is blocked by placing a staircase block!
NR5    Parking second entry should be linked with verandah or  staircase area, which is possible in this case!

Third Floor Plan

NR6    Cupboard on exterior wall are not desirable as they may get damaged due to moisture / dampness in wall. The plywood will get damaged due to moisture.
NR7   No natural light (openings) in this area!
NR8    There is more wastage of space, need to utilise for other purposes!
NR9    Separate entry should be provide to these both rooms, should not be merged with office area.
NR10  Entrance Layout of office needs to be replanned! Also, indicate lots of wastage of space!
NR11  In this four-storey house, at least one lift is required for access of food to the top floor for any function or gathering party & also needed for the senior citizens!

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