How to Prevent Bittiness Paint Defect?

Interior decoration is always incomplete without painting. Painting your wall can enhance the beauty of your house. However, deterioration of the paint earlier to its rated life is considered as a failure of the paint. Failure of paint resembles as a paint defect. Paint defect arises due to so many reasons. Paint defect mainly arises due to poor quality paint and workmanship. Several paint defects like blushing & blooming, patchiness, brush marks, etc. are observed, either during painting or sometimes after the painting. These defects are arising due to either effect of atmosphere, chemical attacks, sunlight, humidity and dust or individually or jointly deteriorating it. Bittiness paint is amongst most observed defects on the painted surface. It is basically observed on the exterior surface of the house.  Therefore, you need to make sure that it doesn’t happen. In this article, we have tried to explain to prevent bittiness paint defect.

Prevent Bittiness Paint Defect

Bittiness paint defect in which paint film contains foreign matters like dust, grit, broken paint skin and fragments of bristle from brushes which project themselves out on the surfaces of the paint film. This paint defect is caused due to dirty brushes, dirty surfaces, dusty atmosphere, and bits of dried-up paint that gets stirred in. We have already discussed other causes of bittiness paint defect in our recent article.

Precautions to Prevent Bittiness Paint Defect on Painted Surface

  • Take utmost care during both the preparation and application of paint.
  • To prevent bittiness paint defect, ensure that the surfaces are smooth before the paint application.
  • If the surrounding is open to dust, it should be covered externally at the time of painting and should be covered till the paint surface attains dry condition to avoid external dust.
  • Stir the paint if necessary.
  • Use only good quality paint brushes and wash with a little white spirit and making sure that the brush is completely dry before starting the work.
  • Use new uncontaminated paint.
  • Follow good painting practices.

Solution to Repair Bittiness Paint Defect

  • To repair bitty surface, allow coating to harden and then rub it down carefully with fine waterproof abrasive wet paper. Then recoat with suitable clean equipment.
  • Remove skin and strain paint into the other container.
Paint Skinning
  • Remove all the dust and dirt before starting the application of paint.
  • Clean all the rollers or brush properly to prevent bittiness paint defect before paint application.
  • If the paint is severely contaminated, scrapping down all the paint from the wall.

Therefore, you have to apply the paint carefully after reading the manufacturer’s instructions properly. Understand properly the causes of bittiness paint defect and take the required precautions before painting. Your painted surface will have a defect-free life and paint will survive till its desired life.

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