7 Quick Tips for Remodeling Your Living Room!

When one is renovating their home, their living room is the first place they’ll think of beautifying since it’s the most versatile space of their dwelling. An appealing and warm sitting makes an excellent impression on guests and other people who’ll spend time there. Homeowners carefully plan to ensure that their living space is fascinating and attractive.
But, in as much as remodeling is exciting, it can also be overwhelming. Where should you start? How much can one spend? And how do you choose contractors that will show up and do an excellent job? These are some things that need some careful thinking. Luckily, we have simplified things for you. For anyone planning on renovating or remodeling a living room, here is how to go about it.

Tips for Remodeling your Living Room

01. Research & Plan

Research & Plan - living room remodeling

Successful renovations require careful planning and in-depth research. With plenty of forethought knowledge and information, remodeling will be much easier, especially for someone who is making structural changes or working with several professions. Don’t be in a rush. Take some time to plan before you actually begin so that you don’t have regrets after finishing renovating. Remodeling is a process, and it takes time to develop ideas and doing things right. In as much as people know what they want, it’s essential that they plan on how they’ll get there.

02. Consider Your Lifestyle

Start by imagining what kind of living space you want for yourself and your family. Will it be used for parties? Or intimate gatherings? Also, consider if you’re comfortable with one large seating area or several seating groups. In short, one’s lifestyle affects their designs and remodeling costs.

Consider Your Lifestyle - living room remodeling

It’s wise that individuals think about their long-term plans, not just this stage of their lives. For instance, if you’re newlyweds who plan on having children in some years, consider these kids when renovating so that you wouldn’t be forced to redo everything. And if you live with older adults, design your space in a way that it’s safe and comfortable for them as well.

03. Determine Your Living Room Needs 

Many things cause people to renovate. Some people remodel because they want large spaces others want an updated sitting room. And others are planning on selling their houses in future. Understanding what your living space needs before even one begins planning for its design is wise.

Determine Your Living Room Needs - living room remodeling

An excellent way of identifying what works for you is thinking about how you live. Look around your living space and determine what it needs. Maybe it could use new painting or extra space or different furniture sets. The truth is, one cannot begin remodeling unless they’ve identified what their main rooms really need.

04. Create a Focal Point

Aesthetics is very crucial in your living space. Remember that the design individuals choose, speak about their personality and artistic sense. If your focal point is striking, it’ll draw visitor’s attention. Include a breath-taking window, vintage mirrors, feature walls, architectural designs, an original art piece, and a beautiful bookshelf to serve as the focal point of one’s sitting room.

Create a Focal Point - living room remodeling

For instance, if watching TV is what you mainly use your living space for, make it the center of attention by pairing it with an attractive fireplace or bookshelf or even feature wall. But, no matter one’s focal point, it’s essential that they arrange furniture around it to bring an attractive appeal. Experts also encourage setting up of seating arrangement around their focal point as it promotes conversations hence making people feel at ease.

05. Redoing Floors 

Flooring is what makes any successful interior design. When remodeling your living room, flooring plays an essential role in bringing out all décor elements together. Of course, your floors are subject to wear and tear. So, it’s wise that one considers functionality and durability before choosing floor tiles or carpets.

Redoing Floors - living room remodeling

For instance, hardwood floors will withstand heavy foot traffic, and they’re also appealing. Vinyl plank flooring is also cost-effective and attractive as well. And vinyl tiles can be installed on top of your existing tile or cement finish which makes remodeling quick and mess-free. Homeowners should also consider what effect their flooring will have on mood and furnishings of their rooms. Buy patterns and colors which complement other elements of your interior decoration.

06. Choosing a Color Palette

In other rooms, colors aren’t that important as they’re in your living space. Even if it’s used for hanging out, watching movies or just reading, this room always gets plenty of face time. As so much attention is focused on this area, its color scheme must be perfect.

Choosing a Color Palette - living room remodeling

Interior paint isn’t anything worth stressing over as materials and tools cost relatively cheap. But choosing which color to paint is overwhelming. Designers advise that we settle on neutral colors like beige, ivory, black, taupe, and grey. These colors allow adding of bold elements and highlight furnishings and textures. And they work for every design style, whether modern or traditional. Your space will, therefore, appear clean, warm, cozy, and welcoming.

07. Rethink Your Layout

Sometimes, your living space just needs a new layout. By moving furniture around or moving your sitting place to another room, you can get an entirely new look. Since living rooms are normally centered around something like a TV or fireplace, you might not have many options when configuring it, but you’ll be able to rearrange furniture at least.

Rethink Your Layout living room remodeling

Traditionally, living rooms were kept tight and compact. But with the introduction of an open floor plan, homeowners have larger areas. If one has a room adjoining their sitting place which they’re not using it, they can remove the separating wall and expand their sitting area. It’s not a complicated job, although it is messy. But ensure that the wall is non-load bearing.

08. Decide & Stick on Budget 

Decide & Stick on Budget - living room remodeling

While renovating, first differentiate between your ‘Needs and Desires’. Check your bank balances and savings. Decide the upper limit of how much you will borrow and how much you can repay. Fix an upper limit on budget. Get an estimate of all components from the consultant expert or contractor. Decide your budget component wise and see that you never buy anything beyond your budget. The market has lot of temptations, keep yourself away from it. Obscure strict financial discipline and if you exceed your budget, the stress after completion will keep your miles away from enjoying the renovation you made. Hence do not stretch beyond a limit.

Watch this video of HGTV on how to remodel your living room on a budget. You’ll be wondering how paint and inexpensive pieces of furniture finds can turn your living room into a style!

Final Thoughts:
There are many ways persons can recreate their homes without spending so much. But it’s wise that you begin the remodeling process by consulting an expert. Once you’ve decided to revamp this space, we advise that you find an expert for your living room. You can search online for reliable and accurate information on trade group websites like the National Association for the Remodeling Industry or National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Or you can ask your friends and neighbors for some recommendations.
Watch this video of Houzz Principal economist ‘Nino Sitchinava’ who break down the research insights from the 2019 U.S. Houzz & Home Report. It says that the Kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms remain the most popular rooms to renovate in 2018. The frequency of spending on top Interior room renovations among homeowners is about 23% on remodeling a living room comparing to other rooms.

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