Tips to Design the Perfect Teenager’s Bedroom!

Raising a teenager is the most challenging part of parenting. Teenage is that phase of life when nobody seems to understand us, and yet we want to conquer the world no matter how small or big that world is. Your teenager may have a small bedroom, that doesn’t mean that he/she can’t have the canopy bed of his/her choice. Most teens fancy a contemporary look that complements the small spaces. However, if your teenager wishes for a modern or eclectic look, that too can be a delightful change. Size of the bedroom is not a concern when you want to redesign your teenager’s stupendous retreat. These bedroom ideas for a small space can be a big hit with the style of your home and make their little adobe a whole new universe for them.

The real knack to decorate a small room is keeping every proportion in mind. What if your teen loves a lot of fantasies? Even then, the beautification is possible. Keeping all the furniture simple and clean and make space for all the things they want in their room. Choosing mild colors for the walls and ceiling can make the space look contemporary and big.

Modern look to Teenagers’ Bedroom

Bold colours and patterns can bring life to the space when we are aiming a simple and modern look. There is no wrong with a bit of glitz! Overall balancing in the room is very important while renovative spaces. Inappropriate balancing of furniture or bed or walls might make it look all in all disorganized or disarray. To avert such a situation, here are a few tips to design the perfect teenager’s bedroom that you could implement when outlining the teen room makeover:

Design the Perfect Teenager’s Bedroom Based on Room Highlights

Focus on A Point in a Teenagers Bedroom

Eye- catching elements in Bedroom

What is the star of the room? That part of the room which catches the eye quickly. This is the most critical and foremost thing that you should muse over when you are considering the idea of redesigning any space. Maybe your focal point is a big art piece, a group of family pictures, a beautiful front wall or a fireplace. So, design it in such a way that it becomes the center of attention for everyone who enters the room or space. This can become your teen’s favorite hangout corner. Teenager’s focus can be on bed and walls and keeping it simple. Yet focal point can be created by making the space alive with some big colourful pillows or a picturesque window seat or a textured background wall or even a beautiful and simple bookshelf.

Add Visual Weight While Decorating Teenagers

wow factor in Teenager’s Bedroom

You want to create a place that will have wow factor Visual weight is away. Objects attracts and interacts with our eye and can leave a desired outcome. Most often, then not people confuse visual weight with actual weight. Visual weight and actual weight do not always go hand in hand.  Now let’s think about a couch, putting it on low legs or without any legs can visually make it look quite heavy. However, mounting it on taller legs can magically make it look lighter and breezier by:Factors that give an item or object its visual weight are as follows:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Grounding
  • Material or texture of the item
  • Proximity and colour

For creating a dream space for your teen, their room must have a perfect balance of visually heavy and visually light objects/items spacing it out in a way that eye can travel between the spaces. Pondering about the visual weight of any item can give you an opportunity to create a comfortably balanced space. Definitely neither you nor your teen want the room to look sloppy, thus keeping visual weight in mind is quite critical.

Design the Perfect Teenager’s Bedroom Based on a Teenager’s Activity

Keeping in mind all the activities your teen can be engaged in can give you a scope to visualize a setup which includes all that is desired by you and them both. We can anticipate some of the essential activities for a teen here:

01. Sleeping

Proper Sleep for a teen

Sleeping! Well it is the most important thing for every living being on the planet. For sure this is to considered significant requirement as children or adults everybody needs a calm and peaceful sleep. Proper sleep makes your teen active, and energetic throughout the day. Design the room in such a way that your teen can sleep peacefully and wake up with good energy vibes. Avoid storing heavy items near the sleeping space, keep this clutter free. Invest in a comfortable bed and good quality mattress as it is relevant for a healthy life.

02. Tidying Up 

Organized Teenager’s Bedroom

How many of you are dealing with your teen not keeping their room organized? Mostly what seems to be untidy for us is the way to organize their things in a convenient way for our teen. However, daily cleaning and organizing practice can be inculcated in the teens by the elders. Designing the storage can be done in way that makes tiding up job looks easy breezy to them. Including more shelves boxes and blocks for different purposes for example for keeping books, stuff toys, clothes and many more can be a great idea.

03. Studying

Studying space in Bedroom

Most of the mental space as well the physical space in teens room is organized around Studies. We also love to fuss about it a lot. Well, contriving a peaceful and calm environment is the basic idea. Education is the bedrock for building a bright future. This place needs to be very positive and energetic. Thus, our focus here should be a proper provision to keep books, and a board where everyday to-do list is incorporated and future goals can be framed. This will help the teen to be more disciplined, focused and organized towards studies and other perspectives of life.

04. Socialize Lounge

Socialize Lounge in Teenager’s Bedroom

Mostly this is the time when lifelong friendships are conceived. A classy retreat inside their room with their favourite photographs, quotes about positivity, fun and happiness even the witty ones they love. Isn’t it said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy So, along with studies there should also a place to relax and enjoy. Socializing is the best way which aids in developing positive behavioural tactics. This little den can be a personal oasis where they can relax, listen to their favourite music, dance, entertain their friends and create wonderful memories.

Design the Perfect Teenager’s Bedroom Based on Creativity

Despite some of us may not have that great view about Teenagers, they are energetic, thoughtful and awesome beings who are growing physically, emotionally as well as intellectually. They do not shy away from voicing out their mind, they are becoming educated, often take impulsive decisions but above all they are becoming who they are actually and finding their own place in the world. They get easily besotted; they always seek for things that fascinate them. Similarly, they demand delightful and appealing things in their bedrooms. Here are some ways you can use to perfectly design rooms for teenagers:

01. Use A Combination of Bold Colours in Your Teenagers Bedroom

Bold Colours in Teenager’s Bedroom

Now this can be confusing to figure out the best colours for your teen’s room. Without any doubt bold combination of colours is the safe bet. Red, green, blue, black all can create cheerful and vibrant ambience. Combinations like black and red or black and white are a classic fusion for rooms which are perfectly cut out for teens.

02. Design A Teen’s Space with Lightings

Lighting in Teenager’s Bedroom

The right lighting can lift your spirits and make you more relaxed and productive. Lights in the room can have a huge impact on the aura. We should opt for lightings which are eye-catching and calm at the same time for your teen’s room. Idea of creating the fairyland using strings of little fairy lights at the wall connected with the bed with array of photos attached to them, can transform the room in a dreamland instantly. These can also work as dimmed lights. And for more practical flash, false ceiling can be opted with beautiful lights of numerous designs. Yellow and white lights are always the best suitable.

03. Incorporate Antique Stuff / Funky Stuffin Designing a Teen’s Space

Creative Stuffs in Bedroom
Unique Teenager’s Bedroom

This is the time teens are struggling to create their unique identity. They are craving for their individuality in their peer group. We can be a guiding force for them craving their niche by choosing accessories in bedroom like unique items, wall hangings, long vase and flowers and the unique upholstered bed, funky or antique items look appealing when placed in the room. This will bring their personality out sure enough let them know that you not only understand their distinctiveness, but you encourage it as well. Some of the teens have a fascination of bunk beds in their rooms too.

04. Highlight A Corner in Teen’s Bedroom

Highlighting pop Colours in Bedroom

If their bedroom is big enough, etch out a little window seat in the corner so they have somewhere privacy to relax and hang out. Choose one or two corners of the room and highlight with a pop of colours. By creating a fun-filled focal point or object, the rest of the room fades in the background. Paint a textured colour wall or put some delightful wallpaper, throw some interesting rugs and big bold cushions and their preferred spot in the room is conceived.  Highlighting a corner with vibrant colours, give the room its uniqueness with practicality and style.

05. Proper Shelving

Proper Shelving Teenager’s Bedroom

Storage is an important aspect of any room. Your teens will need a lot of shelving options as they have a lot happening in their lives constantly and impulsively. Thus, it’s best to add lots of shelves to help them keep their stuff organized and easily accessible making it look clean and well-coordinated. For this reason, having a huge shelf is a good option rather than keeping the space empty on the other hand the storage should look classy and chick not heavy and awkward. They would need storage for clothes, shoes, books, stationery, craft material, etc.

Teens are always very conscious regarding their looks, what they are wearing and get easily inspired by varied looks of movie stars; their friends etc. how they are looking so there should be a proper place for keeping all their clothes. It is a clothing cupboard which should contain a lot of hangers so there is no mess and they do not need to worry about folding the clothes.

06. Incorporate Playful Stuff in Teen’s Bedroom

Incorporate Interesting Elements in Teenager’s Bedroom
Add Playful Stuff in Bedroom

Childhood nursery décor, cutesy stuffed animals and cartoon elephant prints are not their style any more nor are they typically ready for crystal chandeliers, either. Teens are the transition time between childhood and adulthood. Maybe some secretly still fancy playful things- such as toys, superheroes, and cartoons. Reflecting a parody on the walls could bring out the child in them and make it stylish too. A whimsical wall detail behind the bed adds a touch of mischievous fun to the room for a teenager.

07. Designing A Study Area

Designing A Study Area

Teenage years means school years which are prominently dominated by school exams, so investing in a tidy and organised study area in the teen’s room is an absolute must. Providing them a good quality study desk and a comfortable chair and fitting some shelves just above the desk area so that teens can have plenty of space to store coursework and books without any fuss.

To know about design tips in children’s room, we have a detailed article for you:


Teen years can be equally confusing for both parents and the teen creating a symphony is the key when designing a teen’s space. When growing up they want to outgrow everything they once loved their cars, toys, puzzles, toys etc. Idea is to bring changes which are practical and according to their choice and it must reflect his or her personality, age, needs, and usage.

With heavy load and stress of academics, they have a lot on their plate to deal with. For this reason, creating a safe and stress-free ambiance for your teen is a great way to keep them motivated and keep a happy environment around them.

Well designing your teenager’s bedroom with these amazing ideas, you will definitely define a perfect and exceptional place for chilling, studying, being with friends, doing hobbies, relaxing and sleeping. Your teen will always appreciate it and your efforts. Provide your teen your love and guidance to sail through these daunting years with a place they can proudly call their own.

I hope you might have liked amazing tips on designing a perfect room for teenager. To read further, we have some interesting articles on designing and upgrading your bedroom.

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