Precautions and Possible Solution to Avoid Paint Bleeding Defect

When you Paint any surface, it will make our surroundings more beautiful. Paint is always applied to the surface to serve two basic purposes: Decoration and Protection. However, painting required high accuracy and if not achieved, ultimately it will lead to several paint defects, i.e. chalking, blistering, bleeding, peeling, etc. Among them, bleeding defect of paint is one of the most common defects that is observed on the painted surfaces.

Paint Bleeding defect is normally observed as “spots or patches of discolourations in the top coat(often in red or yellow colours), specially on wooden surfaces”.It occurs when the underlying paint is not dried properly. Therefore, you need to find the solution for this type of paint defect.

Following Precautions should be Taken to Prevent the Paint Bleeding Defect

01. Thoroughly clean the areas to be painted before and after sanding, especially when you are applying lighter colours over darker colours.
02. Use the correct mixing ratios (showed in the datasheet) and mix the components in correct way into a homogeneous mass.
03. Apply two medium coats of primer, in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation. Then re-apply colour coat.

Solution for Fixing or Repairing Paint Bleeding Defect

01. The paint bleeding defect can be repaired by removing the stained or contaminated layer and applying a suitable sealer coat to prevent the diffusion of soluble-coloured material from the substrate.
02. If possible, remove the old paint first. If this is impractical, seal the surface with patent knotting solution (It is used for sealing the natural knots in timber) or wood primer.

Therefore, you need to apply paint very carefully after reading the manufacturer’s instructions properly. Understanding fully the causes of paint bleeding defect will prepare you for starting the painting process and will make the paint job much easier for you.

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