The Rise of “Modular Bathroom” for your Modern Home!


One of the most frequent yet expensive spaces to design or renovate is the bathroom. Gone are the days when the idea of the space was merely functional. Bathrooms today have evolved to become private spaces meant for relaxation and rejuvenation.
Stress at the workplace, space-constrained apartments and busy lifestyles are some of the woes we live with every single day. Simply stated, the hectic lifestyle demands that one spends time with one’s own self in a personalized retreat where one can shed all the worries and rejuvenate. Studies reveal that on an average each individual visits the washroom about ten times a day. A great designed bathroom can recharge your senses, while you spend quite time and enjoy uninterrupted privacy.

Bathroom Design

What Comprises of a Great Bathroom Design?

All great bathroom designs start with an apt layout, well thought through color schemes, and dazzling bathroom fixtures and finishes. Brilliant design ties in numerous elements and blends them to give a cozy luxurious look to the bathroom.  While the options available are plenty, selecting the exact ones that meets your specific requirements can also be a little daunting. Here are some critical elements, you should consider and modify per your own requirements of functionally and design

01. Functionality

  • While most bathrooms look fantastic in pictures, the one that suits your functional requirements is typically the best for you. So, do not get cheated with the pictures.
  • The bathroom is often the most frequently used space in a home and it should be practical enough for your actual home and of course your budget.
  • A great bathroom design needs to maximize the space at hand to offer maximum functionality without compromising on design and beauty which is very much possible with variety of materials available in the market.
  • One needs to consider household specific requirements. Home with small children or elderly need to be designed for their convenience and also do not forget that children are not going to remain small throughout.
  • Easy cleaning is another functional aspect worth considering.

02. Storage

  • Storage is essential and a critical part of a great bathroom design.
  • While large cabinets offer ample storage space, they come with a cost of eating up on space.
  • Open storage and shelving give the illusion of more space but require more maintenance and could look untidy if not organized well.
  • An ideal storage mix and placements can be invaluable in smaller bathrooms.
  • Color and textures of the storage spaces can liven up space without making space look stuffed.

03. Longevity

  • Designing a bathroom too can be an expensive affair. Along with being expensive, it is a vigorous process and a time consuming one.
  • Most people renovate and remodel bathrooms in 5 to a 10-year time frame. Consider the longevity of each element carefully before you include them in your bathroom designs.
  • While bathroom accessories are easy to replace and refurbish, flooring, layouts can be expensive to change.
  • A professionally done bathroom should always keep longevity and should be designed not to wear away quickly.

04. Easy to Maintain

  • Remember that bathroom should always be easy to clean and maintain it as it is a day-to-day job.

What is a Modular Bathroom?

A new concept of design, innovation, and luxury have come together to create modular bathroom. A modular bathroom is the one which is prepared in a factory and assembled at the site (plug and play mode).

Modular Bathroom Intro

What does a Modular Bathroom Include?

  • The module includes everything from floor to tiles to smaller knick-knacks and comes with all plumbing, electrical connections, and fittings.
  • Each bathroom includes shower, toilet, sink basin, tapware, vanity placements and everything else that you expect of a designer bathroom.
  • Modular bathroom offers alluring furniture which makes them elegant and classy.
  • Modular furniture consists of various units that are not fitted within the room and are portable, there are hundreds of styles for every element in the bathroom, choose from them and customize your own bathroom.

Typical Process of Developing a Modular Bathroom

The stellar looking Modular bathroom is developed following a process and is structured in five-step methodology in most parts of the world.

01. Design

  • Any company that you get in touch with to design a modular bathroom first visits your site and discusses with you in detail about your requirements.
  • Once they get and understand what your idea of the perfect bathroom is, the professionals develop the concept into a specification sheet highlighting the architectural requirements and a comprehensive design view which can then be used to realistically scope the work and work out in the time-fee arrangements.

02. Manufacture at the Factory

  • Once the design and the architectural details are finalized and signed off, the scheduling starts. The actual fabrication of the modular bathroom happens following a standardized process.
Modular Bathroom Fixtures

03. Transport

  • The finished bathrooms, complete with all big and small elements are transported to the site on pre-defined dates.
  • Most companies take charge of installation under trained professionals and this can be at times a staged process depending on project time frames.

04. Install at the Site 

  • Carefully the pod bathroom is transported to the actual site and placed in the final installation position.
  • The installation engineer then installs the modular bathroom at the site and does not take more than two hours in most cases.
  • The modular bathroom is fixed with the rest of the room elements and the final connections are made from the floor below.
  • The end result is a well-designed bathroom, at a quicker pace, with the least number of overhead and without any delays.

Benefits of a Modular Bathroom

  • A modular bathroom is the solution to fast-paced life where time and convenience are paramount.
  • Available in many designs, the modular designs can be customized for a personal touch.
  • Creating modular bathrooms saves time and labor cost, without compromising on quality.
  • Creating at the factory ensures smoother trades coordination, quality control, invoicing and meeting health and safety standards.
Modular Bathroom Transportation
  • The streamlined design process helps in focusing on innovative design without having to make allowances for unknown factors and inconsistencies.
  • Project management for developers is streamlined and tighter budget control is possible.
  • Due to better factory quality control process, the final bathroom has minimal defects.

Modular bathroom is gaining prominence and replacing the traditional bathrooms as they need lower maintenance and are cost effective. So, if you are looking for a hassle-free renovation, without bothering about managing labor, material, delays caused by incomplete work, processes leading to building failures or product shortages, weather fluctuation, and more consider buying a modular bathroom.
Hope the article would have provided you the knowledge of Modular Bathroom. If you think some points have been missed out or you want to share your views on this topic, then please do so by typing it in the comment box given below.

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