8 Ways to Make Your Home Office Look Bigger!


Nov 12, 2019

Home office is a newly added workstation address, where millions of professionals spend their working hours to earn their bread and butter. Although based at home, a home office is no less important in terms of accessibility. But in many cases the space for office at home gets compromised in many ways.

As quoted by experts, “Work is what you do, not a place you go.” Working beyond the walls or what we say – “work from home” is a great concept adopted in many countries where the employees get to work at ease from their home breaking the monotonous working style at conventional offices.

It is predicted by HR professionals in many instances, that the workplace in home i.e. home office is the near future for almost all creative people. New workstyles lead to new workplace designing where the function of home office is a priority. The benchmark of functionality is more relevant when the concept of work from home is popular.

As said by ‘Taylor Davies’ (Published in 12 Stylish Office Decorations for Your Workspace), it takes a little creativity and some applied brains to carve out your room to make your home office.

If you work from home, you tend to make your home office a place where you feel the ease of working and get motivated for getting your things done perfectly and productively. It gives you the facility of flexible working hours and for this thing to happen, you need to have a specific space at home, which you can designate as your home-office.

The home office is not only a need for “work from home” type professionals. Even the middle level managers, women professionals like architects, lawyers, software engineers, marketing and finance professionals need a home office to complete their assignments and keep track of various function levels, their control and for reporting to clients or higher management.

Decent and Cream Theme Home Office

Home is the best and the comfiest place to start your work. However, working on your bed without falling asleep or working on the dining table without having a temptation to eat can be really hard and somehow not that professional in its approach. Having a particular room solely for the purpose of working is essential in order to create a proper working environment. In the absence of full-fledged rooms, even parts or corners of pre-existing rooms can serve the purpose perfectly. However, the size of the available space might be small but it has to be functional in all ways for setting a home office.

Despite the dimensions of the area available, there are plenty of ways to make it look spacious and comfortable. Having a well-organized area with adequate space is an important key feature that you must keep in mind while finalizing the setting of the room. Congested rooms not only just block space but also may block creativity too. A narrow and unorganized office area may cause frustration and make it harder to think and be productive in an organized way.

Increasing the size of the area in terms of carpet area might be hard but you can arrange and introduce elements that can lift the room and turn it into the perfect home office. Here you can work for long as well as you can work here without having any disturbances or interruption and with increasing efficiency of professional output. Sometimes spacious office makes us more comfortable and relaxed, so a bigger home office is always an advantage.

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Ideas to Make Your Home Office Look Big

The ideas mentioned in the article will not only help you to make your home office a comfy place to work at ease, but also make it look bigger. Here are a few ways to go about it:

01. Paint Your Walls

Navy Blue wall- Define the Space

From décor point of view, specific colours define the overall space in the room. The depth and spread of the colour helps in making your space look bigger than it actually is. The colour effect also helps to define a specific area and decorate your room in making it bright and big, suitable for an office ambiance.

A soothing colour always adds the gusto of natural energy to a room. In order to break the stuffiness of the room, you could paint one of the walls in a different and bold colour to introduce another layer into the room decor. This will help you to break the monotony of the shades. By doing so, the room will get a deeper touch and it appears to be bigger than it actually is. Besides, it adds an artistic vibe to the surroundings.

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02. Use Minimalistic Decoration Pieces

Minimalistic articles for Home office

The worst mistake which one can make in a small space is to fill up the space completely or try using 1-2 giant furniture to cover the space. This initiative often backfires and instead of making the room interesting and beautiful, it makes the look forced and incoherent. A creative way to add elements to the office space is to be done ideally through the use of minimalistic articles like a terrarium or small pictures. This makes the place simple looking yet stunningly organized. Considering a décor point of view, it is a simplistic look that uses minimal decorative pieces to make your space look functional, efficient, sleek, and clean.

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03. Introduce Shelves

Shelves with Office table

Having shelves is a clever and smart way to organize your workspace. Instead of having stacks of papers everywhere, you could easily file them and place them on the shelves. This arrangement will help you to keep track of all your papers and important documents and it will help you to arrange them in a neat and organized way. Moreover, this initiative will help you in clearing space on the table as well as on the floor. Shelves can be of different sizes and shapes. Depending upon the size of your walls, you could add as many as you like.

04. Reduce the Size of The Table

Compact table for home office

The first instinct while buying a table is to purchase something big and sturdy. However, most of the time, you do not even need tables which are wide and huge. If your main work involves your laptop, you should go for tables which are a hand’s size, and bigger than the width of your laptop. You can also purchase tables that can be extended or can be modified at ease. This helps you to retain the size of the table and also make the space neatly dressed. As far as storage is concerned, you do not need tables to place your stuff, there are many alternatives for the same. While thinking about a compact office desk, don’t forget to think about the space that must be kept for printer, charger, files, etc. on it. For this, you may opt for a folding table which is handy for keeping temporary things like charger, files and then it can be kept on shelves.

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05. Stationary Organizers

An office needs organizers. For example, the pen stands have always been a convenient option as organizers in office. As pen stands keep your writing stuff in place, desk organizers can be used to keep all of your stationery separately yet together in one place. It is a nice way to arrange your stuff. Moreover, you can place them on the table and remove all the unnecessary stuff while working quickly and place it back when you are done with them. Different kinds of organizers are available for different purposes. You can grab one for your files, next for pens, and even for one organizer for keeping books. These organizers make it really easy to distinguish things and allocate proper places for them.

06. Adequate Lighting

Lighting for office desk

Having proper light in a room is super important: it creates an impression of extra space in a room and also makes the space more breathable. Having a window in the room is always a great advantage as natural lighting can really make the room look bright and attractive. There are several ways to add light to your room. For example, tube lights, pendant lights, under-cabinet lights, ceiling lights, and lamps are some ways of adding artificial light to the room, whereas door, sliders, and windows are the ways to utilize natural sunlight.

Lighting is essential as it can really make the room pop or deflate. Moreover, good lighting is all way important in an office. You must go for at least two adequate light sources and then may further add as many as you need for making the premise bright and illuminated.

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07. Chair

Proportionate Chair with Office desk

Ensure that the chairs you purchase are proportional to the size of the tables. It adds roomy effect in your office premise. The last thing you need is not to fit your chair under the vacant space of your table. You could go for an adjustable chair so that you can easily change its height. This way you can increase the height while using it and then reduce it to place it in synchronization with the table’s height. You can play with colours which complement the shades of your wall in order to make the room look synchronized. A complete total effect in the room will create the impact of the bigger size of the space.

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08. Play with The Scales

Scaled Home office

The play of scale is a deciding factor in any part of the space for enhancing the size effect of a room. It incorporates the décor, organization of articles in proportion, and the factor how effectively you can keep the articles well placed. It is equally important to make sure that there must be a fine line of difference in the size of the articles you place. Furniture and workstation gadgets take up most of the total space in the home offices, therefore, it is a necessity that you try to add variation in the interior layout.

You can do so by introducing shelves or different shapes and sizes or having differently sized pictures on the walls. You may even go ahead and buy plants of various heights to add a natural element while introducing size variations at the same time.


In a nutshell, office spaces can be managed effectively despite the size of the room. While bigger spaces are often more comfortable, small areas can work just as well if it is meticulously designed. All you need to do is to add a few elements and arrange your stuff properly so that it remains neat and well organized. With some simple tricks, you can really elevate the vibes of the room and create a more optimistic and productive working environment.

Hence, the next generation of home office is not a tough thing to design and implement. Once the setting of a home office gets handy it becomes easier for a professional to work from anywhere across the globe. The size of the room doesn’t matter at all when the arrangement is done appropriate. Even, smaller rooms can be turned into spacious and comfortable workplaces with the few tricks mentioned here.

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