22 Ways To Decorate Outdoor Walls With Aesthetic Yet Practical Ideas

Let’s decorate outdoor wall with some creative outdoor wall art! Yes, the outdoor walls need the same attention as the interior walls. According to Sudhir Sharma and Sunita Sharma (2012) (Author and Editor of the book ‘Vastu for Home and Office’) “Exterior home décor is as important as our interiors because the first impression is calculated with exterior of house and if it is not up to date then doesn’t matter how good is your interior!”

Outdoor wall decor has to be both beautiful and practical. Consider the outdoor wall decor as an extended decoration opportunity, regardless of the size of your outdoor space. If you are looking for ways to glam up the architecture of a house and make your exterior walls a bold element, then this article is precisely for you.

We created an easy guide for transforming your barren exterior wall into something that adds a hint of your personality. It offers both conventional and modern exterior outdoor wall décor ideas that are useful and captivating. If you are a plant parent, art collector, or environmentalist, these exterior outdoor wall decor ideas range from a Pop Art mural to a string of lovely plants that can be used as decor, making your decision a lot simpler!

01. Decorate Outdoor Wall with Effortless Wooden Art Decor

Creative outdoor wall art with wood

How often have you looked at your exterior walls and thought of giving them an outstanding look with creative outdoor wall art ideas? You can be super creative with empty wall space, and wood wall décor is the perfect way to unleash your imagination. Decorate outdoor wall with rustic wooden wall hangings and give it that perfect farmhouse-style vibe. There is something for everyone, from minimalist wooden frames to reclaimed wood kitchen shelves to hang your umbrella. You can also add geometric design, a splash of colour, and wooden alphabets to your wood decor pieces, to create a distinctive design.

02. Personalized Signage For External Wall Décor

Personalised signage for external wall decor

One of the best outdoor wall decor ideas is to decorate outdoor walls around functionality. Your outside wall decorations are the first thing that catches someone’s attention when they enter your home. Instead of using boring or generic address plates, opt for something unique and family-focused.

Create a crossword puzzle using the names of all of your family members, for instance, to hang on the wooden art décor on the exterior walls of your home. When it comes to changing the name and last name to make them particularly distinctive for the design of your home, you can be more inventive.

03. Modern Exterior Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas: Throw Bold Colour

Vibrant paint for modern exterior outdoor wall décor ideas

This year, it’s all about using vibrant colours. Use bright colours and your whimsical side to design an outdoor wall. Go for green, which never charts in designer’s first choice. Because of the connection of green colour to nature and plants, they are often energising and balanced.

You can create a young and energetic wall that will excite the visitors as soon as they step in, by painting outside walls as well as decor or soft furnishings in a shade of green. However, if you want to make your vibrant colours classy, choose tones that aren’t very bold. Alternatively, using strong hues with muted tones will give a more calming effect.

04. Play with Textures

Brick texture for external wall decor

If you are hunting for outdoor brick wall decor ideas or looking for a unique texture for external wall decor, your search ends here! Textures on the outdoor walls can bring life to the wall. They drastically alter the look and feel of space and add a lot of drama to the aesthetic you’ve chosen.

For someone who’s looking for more symmetry, decorate outdoor wall with ocean waves as textures, the wall will instantly add some movement and dynamic thanks to the wave-like shape. Using contrasting textures could be another way to draw attention to some components more than others.

05. Decorate Outdoor Wall With Mirrors

Mirror for outside wall decorations

Mirrors are one of the easiest outdoor wall decor ideas, when utilized as wall decor, can reflect light and give the impression that your passage is larger than it is. Mirror with its reflective attribute can be employed as standalone outdoor wall embellishments or as lovely additions to an existing outdoor wall.

Give a traditional outdoor wall a fresh look by adding mirrors in a range of sizes, colours, forms, and frame designs. This imaginative outdoor wall art has the advantage of complementing any style of mirror.

06. Approach Biophilia

Biophilia for outside wall decorations

These outdoor wall art ideas are for all the plant parents! And no, it does not imply that you must have a comprehensive plant collection or that there must always be dense foliage. You can start with sparse and asymmetrical placements of pots that simply create impactful results.

Examples include arranging plants in vases and baskets, as well as simple wall-mounted planters. Or perhaps a wall of propagation to display artistic experimentation with planting. Check out this

07. Make it Functional

Functional external wall decor

We truly believe in the quote “pack as much functionality as possible” along with the aesthetics.

Utilize every last inch of your outdoor wall. Even though it’s an exterior wall, you can still have some hooks or a credenza to hang things from. Storage hooks aren’t only for hanging umbrellas or keys. A handful of wall hooks can flip an empty outdoor wall beautifully to keep your newspapers or clocks.

Wall clocks might not be as important as they once were, but some stylish and creative wall clocks available in the market can quickly become a centerpiece. Never underestimate the effect of a well-positioned wall clock!

08. Try Lights

Lamps for outside wall decorations

Does your passage or outdoors feel too cramped or compact? Cover them with eye-catching lights that can transform any unused space into a completely functional one. You can opt for wall sconces if you are seeking minimalist decor themes. And if the house has a conventional theme, why not amplify it with a few traditional wall lighting? This look can be completed with swing arm wall lighting.

For a cutting-edge and more modernist-looking wall, go with flush wall sconces, which can give a smooth appearance to your outside wall decorations.

09. Repurpose the Vintage Piece

Vintage piece as outdoor wall decor

It’s no surprise that vintage pieces can become costly when it comes to exterior outdoor wall decor ideas. To tackle this challenge, one solution can be a collection of antique Bundt pans in a variety of shapes that adds nostalgic appeal to your outdoor wall. You can even pull them down and repurpose them as needed. For a unique twist, combine a graphic design of your choice with a tray or plate collection from your kitchen.

For much such ideas check out the below article:

10. Put your Favorite Quotes

Put your fav quote on external wall

With this outdoor wall décor, which varies from wall written to 3D motifs, you can express the special link between the occupants and the house. You can make the right statement for your outdoor walls by designing with a variety of options, ranging from classic designs and sayings to current and inspiring ideas and poems. If you want to go beyond the norm, make your favourite quotes stand out with a splash of colour if you want them to be the focal point of your space. There’s no need to tone it down with this design; the brighter, the better!

11. Make it Sustainable

Sustainable outdoor wall décor-macrame wreath

One of the best modern exterior outdoor wall decor ideas is to make it sustainable. Decorate outdoor wall with common materials—plastics and wood. They’re visually appealing, easy to use, and give the impression that you’re in the middle of a modern art gallery.

Throwing away used plastic bottles and harvesting fresh wood has a significantly greater environmental impact than reclaiming or recycling them. Several industries and local shops can give you these materials at discounted rates if you are running out of these materials for your outdoor wall art ideas.

12. Use various Natural Stones to create a Dramatic Design

Natural stones for outdoor brick wall décor ideas

Don’t you think natural stone walls make beautiful outside wall decorations? 

They harmoniously blend your home’s architecture with nature. Stone walls are wonderful for defining the frames of outdoor doors and creating elevated flower beds near the window sill. Start the natural stone concept by showcasing the stone’s contrasting forms to highlight its inherent beauty. Let us assure you that there are limitless sorts to pick from, including smooth, honed and sawn-edged slabs. Then there are gabions, which are filled with freshly quarried rock, each with its tone, marks, and texture.

Read the below article, it provides ideas to incorporate stone in your exterior.

13. Decorate Outdoor Wall with Painted Mural or Traditional Warli Art

Painted mural as outdoor wall art ideas

Murals and traditional Warli art use a simple combination of materials, easy-to-create, and are appealing enough to tell their own stories. While murals don’t always require a lot of explanatory motifs or graphics to be effective, in Warli art the basic visual language consists of a circle, a triangle, and a square. The sun and moon are represented by the circle, while mountains and pointed trees are represented by the triangle. That is why they are used in simple wall paintings.

14. Use Waste Spare Parts to Create an Industrial Inspired Design

Industrial inspired design for external wall decor

Industrial-style outside wall decorations are now in high demand. Industrial-inspired design accents range from rustic exposed finishes and structural elements to industrial-influenced lighting fixtures. Go for bare castor wheels, electronic wires, and reclaimed bookshelves to hang around the outdoor wall as industrial decor.

Large metal domes, pendant lights, and floor lamps with visible bulbs are other popular industrial design ideas if you like something less bare.

15. Spray Painting your Heart out!

Creative outdoor wall art with spray paint

Bring your inner child out while experimenting with spray-paint on your wall! Wall decals are one of the most modern exterior outdoor wall decor ideas, particularly when it comes to outdoor walls. When you start designing, you will have a vast variety of wall decals or wall stickers to choose from.

These are simple to implement, and there is no need to hire a professional. It’s as simple as buying one, sticking it to the desired wall, and spraying it with the desired colours. Spray-paint has such a wide range of applications, from nature-inspired stickers to animated film characters.

16. Add the Magic of Mosaic

Mosaic external wall decor

If you want to make your home’s exterior space more appealing, vibrant, and charming, especially if you want to avoid the upkeep of plants and other home decors, consider using mosaic outdoor brick wall decor ideas. Most mosaics are super simple and may be completed with recycled materials such as glass, buttons, corks, shells, pebbles, or tile fragments, allowing you to decorate outdoor wall according to your imagination, without worrying about your money.

Here’s one DIY Mosaic Mirror Frame project for you!

17. Moroccan Themes that are back in Vogue for Outdoor Walls

Moroccan theme outdoor wall decor

Moroccan-themed outdoor wall art ideas are marked by brilliant colours and intricate artworks reflecting the country’s rich culture. If tiles are out of your price range, you can incorporate Moroccan design into your outdoor walls with simple stencil art. It can make an attractive focal point. Another effective way to recreate the Moroccan theme is to use lamps and lanterns. Fine carvings on metals such as copper and brass, as well as wood, create lovely shadows that lend an enigmatic feel to outdoor settings.

18. Decorate Outdoor Wall: Vertical Gardens

Decorate outdoor wall with vertical garden

You can turn even the most barren, empty wall into a full-fledged vertical garden filled with freshness. Decorate the outdoor wall with different varieties of houseplants, annuals, perennials, and shrubs. Since you have multiple options, you are not limited in what you may use to get that fresh air.

You can also plant a kitchen garden or decorate your external wall. Additional outdoor vertical wall growing can be created by using window boxes, hanging pots, or garden elements like trellis or tuteur.

19. DIY Outdoor Chalkboard for the Kids

Chalkboard for outdoor wall decor

What better outdoor wall decor than a chalkboard that allows for endless creative expression? The best thing about chalkboards for kids is that they are adaptable and removable, allowing you to always capture your children’s doodles and evolving thoughts on your outdoor walls.

Furthermore, black chalkboard paint is not required. You can buy or make chalkboard paint in a variety of colours. It only takes a primer and you’re done! Another option is to hang a white board, which can be easily hung and removed depending on the situation.

20. Cascading Wall Water Fountain

Wall water fountain

Water fountains are a stunningly unique element that may lend a distinct touch of luxury to the entire outdoor walls. Water features at the entrance are becoming increasingly popular as the Zen lifestyle gets adapted across the globe! The steady flow of water will bring you peace and make the time you spend outdoors even more memorable.

From a lovely fountain made from flower pots to store-bought water elements, these simple outdoor wall decor ideas will transform the wall like nothing else.

21. Hanging Stone Sculptures of Deities or Artworks

Sculptures of deities for outside wall decorations

One of the significant benefits of using natural materials like stones is that they don’t need any finishes or paintings. Additionally, as stones and rocks are natural components, they can be used as outdoor design accessories like candle holders and in multiple other ways.

Stone sculptures are relatively affordable and provide a plethora of opportunities for outdoor walls. A diverse collection of natural stone sculptures has resulted from a variety of stone types, sculpting techniques, craftsmanship, and styles.

22. Graffiti with Moss

Graffiti with moss on exterior wall

Moss graffiti is a type of art, which involves using living moss to create living artwork on outdoor walls. They are also known as eco graffiti because it employs moss instead of harmful paint. Graffiti with moss will grow into an ever-changing, alive artwork – on the chosen wall or surface with proper installation.

Start by choosing an image and a location. Use a simple image for your first attempt. Also, consider a wall that does not receive direct sunlight for long periods.

5 Tips to Decorate the Outdoor Walls

01. Make it stand out:

The aesthetics of your outdoor walls do not have to match the interiors. It can be designed to look however you wish.

02. Right Lighting:

The proper lighting in your outdoors will assist you in your duties and set the mood. Fixtures like twinkle lights and lanterns can also be used to accentuate the ambience. With this also make sure that you have an ample amount of sockets.

03. Basic Paint:

Paint is inexpensive and can significantly change the look of your outdoor wall. Whether you want to go for a monochrome style or add vibrant colour to make your space more dynamic, the choice is yours. You may realistically inspect how a certain shade of colour will look using a variety of internet apps, ensuring that you get the colour right.

04. Artwork:

Hanging artwork, a photo frame, a painting, or anything else that can help convert the outdoor walls into a part of your house is a great way to give them a makeover. You may even design personalized artwork for your outdoor wall if you enjoy experimenting with creativity.

05. Use Wall Stickers:

Interior designers and experts are extensively using wall stickers. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to rapidly transform outdoor walls. The options are unlimited, ranging from creative images to motivating messages, from nature-inspired stickers to religious deity stickers.

Ready to Decorate Outdoor Walls?

So, what’s your favourite way to decorate outdoor walls? To make your ornaments, try one or more of the items from our list. Decorating an outdoor wall needs less labour, money, and time than building a house. According to Kurt Cyr (2001) (Writer of the article ‘Outdoor Décor: Take Your Home’s Style Outside’) “There are many ways to add decorative punch to your exterior design. Ready-made pieces can be purchased or you can make handsome, naturally inspired accessories yourself.”

So, nothing is stopping you from creating a welcoming and relaxed environment for your family. Start with themes and colours that you love and are drawn to, and notice how your outdoor walls become your favourite element.

Many of our readers love decorating their outdoor walls according to the seasons or holidays. Some fun ideas are adding wreaths for special occasions or simply making your home’s exterior pop! While everyone is used to hanging a wreath on their front door for Christmas and other winter holidays, we found these beautiful Spring Wreaths for sale at Heftyberry shop that would be the perfect way to celebrate spring arriving. You can browse a wide variety of wreaths for any occasion. But there is just something about adding a wreath to your home in the spring that will liven up your home.


01. What is the best way to decorate an exterior wall?

The best way to decorate the outdoor wall is with innovative paint ideas, you may swap safe neutrals for a pop of bolder colour outside. Painting one wall a bright colour will draw attention to an outside space and create a colourful backdrop for any outdoor activities.

02. How to improve the appearance of a plain outside wall?

Add brightly coloured vitrified tiles to bring uninteresting outdoor walls to life. You can also stick to one vivid colour and lighting system to accentuate the appearance of the tiles.

For a textured finish, look for shapes like triangular, hexagonal, or lozenge to make it stand out.

03. What are some inexpensive ways to decorate outdoor walls?

Artwork can be used as a decoration as well as an accessory for the outdoor wall. To get an artwork these days, you do not need to pay a lot of money. Affordable art is also accessible online, where you can choose from a variety of gorgeous paintings that will not only look great on your outdoor wall but will also inspire you. Another inexpensive option is to create your own artwork with recycled materials like broken glasses, ceramic tiles, marble and granite which are otherwise considered as waste. These materials can be used to create wall art to beautify external walls.

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