What is the Difference Between Panel Doors and Glazed Doors?

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Panel doors and glazed doors both are the popular choices for inside and outside access to an entrance of the house/rooms. Panel doors and glazed doors can have different varieties of colours, design pattern, and sizes. Though being used for the same purpose, Panel doors and glazed doors are very much different in their properties, availability, cost, safety, elegance etc. Hence, here we give you a brief comparison of Panel doors and glazed doors to help you make the correct choice.

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Panel Doors and Glazed Doors
Panel Doors
Glazed Doors

01. General Guide

  • Panelled doors are generally made of wood. A door constructed with infill panels, shaped to particular size and pattern between the stiles and rail is called Panel Door, where stiles and rails are the outside frame members. They are hard and offer extra beauty to the house. They are easily available with a single panel, double panel, three panels or six panels and they can swings on hinges on edge and also slide or spin inside space.

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  • A door constructed with glass panes, shaped to particular size and pattern is called the glazed door. They are hard but delicate and used mostlyinside as architectural features in new building and renovation. Glass doors are available in a variety of styles and mechanisms like sliding, hinged, two fold pivoting and stacking, and more. However with varieties of glasses available, they are extremely used in modern building to achieve elegance and space.

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02. Composition

  • Panelled  Doors are made of wood, steel, PVC, aluminum and fiberglass panels etc.
  • Glazed Doors are made of glass panels either with or without shutter frame of wood, aluminum, etc.

03. Advantages

  • Panel Doors are hard, so they are used as exterior doors. Panel doors provide more security and privacy to your home. They add extra beauty to your home. They are strong and durable.
  • Panelled Doors are more elegant and have natural beauty. They can be made to any design as per architect’s design and in any shape, as they are strong and light weight compared to a glass door.
  • Panelled Doors are easy in operation and are weather proof.
  • Panel Doors provides more privacy in homes due to zero visibility and are sounder resistant compared to Glass Door.
  • Hollow core solid Panelled doors are easy to install as they are light in weight and less expensive. It is also easily available in the market in a particular size.
  • Glass Doors are available in a variety of styles and mechanisms. They are used mostly inside. In some buildings like Hospitals, offices and Malls, Glass doors are used on the exterior side for architectural features, sunlight utilization and for making it more visible.
  • Glass Doors are delicate. They can also be made to design as per architect’s design. But the too large shape and size are not possible due to heavy weight of materials and delicate as compared to panelled door.
  • Glazed Doors are also easy in operation and are weather proof.
  • Glass Doors provide less privacy as compared to paneled doors. However, privacy can be achieved with the use of curtains at extra cost. Similarly for achieving sound resistance double glass is provided which of course will add to cost.
  • Glazed Doors are not so easy to install and more expensive as compared to panelled doors. Glass door require special fixture, style and design make them expensive. It is not available in the market in fix size.

04. Disadvantages

  • Solid Panelled Doors are costly particularly when from wood and teak wood and require more maintenance as dust is retained more on the door. Panelled Doors require colour and polishing maintenance from time to time.

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  • Glazed Doors pose the risk of unintentional collision if the person believes door to be open when it is closed or is unaware that there is a door at all. Glass Doors require special precautions as they are delicate in all manners.

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05. Properties

(a) Durability

  • It is more durable as compared to Glazed Door.
  • It is less durable as compared to Paneled Door.

(b) Strength (Flexural Strength and Breaking Strength)

  • It has a high flexural strength and low breaking strength.
  • It has a very low flexural strength and high breaking strength as compared to Panelled Door and life remains uncertain.

(c) Water Absorption

  • It absorbs moisture during monsoon and leading to problem of closing and opening of doors.
  • It does not absorb water or any moisture, and hence no such problem.

(d) Frost Resistance

  • It has low frost resistance as these types of door absorb moisture easily.
  • It has high frost resistance because its water absorption is low as compared to Panelled Door.

(e) Resistance to Scratches

  • It has low resistance to scratches, so colour or polishing is easily affected by scratches, and hence need to provide maintenance.
  • It has high resistance to scratches, so the surface of the door is not easily affected by scratches.

(f) Staining Resistance

  • Low resistance to stains.
  • High resistance to stains.

(g) Colour Resistance to UV Light

  • It has low resistance to UV light.
  • It has high resistance to UV light as compared to Panelled Door.

06. Texture & Look

  • Panelled Door has smooth and glossy look depending upon finishes.
  • Glass Door has more smooth and glossy look as compared to Panelled Door.

07. Maintenance & Installation

  • The maintenance of Panelled Door is difficult as compared to Glass Door. Installation is difficult as compared to Glass Door, and special skilled persons are required. Readymade Panelled Door are also available in market which are manufacture from The block board, veneered particle board, fiber board etc. They are easily available and install quickly but readymade doors are and light in weight and less durable.
  • The maintenance of Glass Door is easy because of its shiny surface. It is easy to clean. Installation is easy as compared to Panelled Door. More special skilled persons are required Compare to Panelled Door.

08. Size

The standard Panelled Door sizes are readily available in the markets which are specified below.

  • 2040x520x35mm
  • 2040x620x35mm
  • 2040x720x35mm
  • 2040x770x35mm
  • 2040x820x35mm
  • 2040x870x35mm
  • 2040x920x35mm
  • A Glass Doors are made actual on site or pre-fabricated at site and then installed on site

09. Cost

  • The price approximately ranges from Rs. 450-700per sq.ft depending upon size, durability, design and material.
  • The price approximately ranges from Rs. 300/sq.ft depending upon size, durability, design and material type, size and shape and thickness of glass.

10. Manufacturers

  • Panel Doors are made from 1st quality seasoned wood or plywood of Uniply, Greenply, Century company, lamination are of sundec or marino compay, door fixtures are of  Godrej or Acme company are provided. Some manufacture like Godrej, century and metaflex also provide ready to use standard size frame and shutter.
  • Modiguard and saint globin are the popular approved manufacture of Glass. For door fixtures go for Godrej or Acme make.


In conclusion, panel doors are the best for the external doors as they provide safety and extra beauty to the house and glazed doors are best suited for the internal doors.

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